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Dear colleagues, participants and friends - our distinguished guests, thank you for participating in the tenth, jubilee International conference “Challenges of Europe: The quest for new competitiveness”, organized by the Faculty of Economics, University of Split, under the auspices of His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Croatia, Mr Ivo Josipović.

With 30 respectable scientists from all over the world in the Programme Committee and significant number of the interesting and relevant papers, we are proud to state that this year’s international Conference was extremely successful; sending a strong message to the public. We continued our mission of putting the European economy and its role into focus, especially now when global economy is troubled and recovery slow and weak. One more time, the Conference has provided new insights and stimulated discussion on best practices and strategies in quest of overcoming the obstacles hampering competitiveness and understanding the factors behind this process that has occupied the minds of economists for hundreds of years.

Professor Željko Garača
Faculty of Economics in Split

This time, the Conference was divided in two parts; the scientific part with lectures and paper presentations and second “hands on experiences” by presenters from the business sectors focusing on European Fund acquiring and their predictions for the future. Introduction lectures for each part have been given by two of the most respectable economists in the world; professor A. Deardorff from Michigan University (USA) and professor J. Bachtler, director of the European Policy Research Centre-a (UK).  Apart from the lectures, we would like to highlight the roundtable that gathered CEO's from most respectable Croatian companies, who gave their opinions on the subject matter and answered many questions.

Bringing together people from different societies as well as promoting scientific dialogue and activities aiming at the public welfare remain the Conference's main interest and mission in the future. In light of that, we cordially invite you to participate in the next, 11th international Conference “Challenges of Europe” that will be held in 2015.

We sincerely look forward to your participation.

Dobrodošli! - Welcome!